I chose this symbol as a trademark, because the components of our pasta are particles, grains of life (literally and figuratively) and the whole forming a flower – a flower that goes to you. The result of our work is a harmony and positive energy of your body which is conveyed to other – your children, family and friends. You have also a power to act in every sphere of life.

Flower of Life – a symbol known to mankind for thousands of years. Engraved on the stones, the buildings, the ruins of many ancient culture and civilizations that lived on Earth – Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, Israel, China, Greece, England, Syria and Poland. The ancestry knew this symbol and it’s meaning but now we discover it again. Flower of Life is a matrix creation and a symbol of the whole life cycle consists of five stages: a tree – a flower – a fruit – a seed – a tree. It is in material world. But the matter is a manifestation of energy. What we see surrounding space and creates a framework for materials forms. What we do not see is also important – without this “empty” space would not be forms what it is.

Returning to the food: food is a fundamental “matter” for us, because creating and sustaining the life in our body – the house of our being, the mind and the consciousness. The quintessence of food is what we cannot see: the origin and composition. This factors determine the bad or good development of our body, work of organs and the state of our mind.

When we have this consciousness we’re starting buy groceries with larger deliberately: the good taste and nice appearance are not most important than the composition and origin. Everything must be the highest quality – the certificates, the composition, the percentage of ingredients, the origin of the ingredients, what are the ingredients from which the crops come.

This website belong to the manufacturer of pasta, organic food – the food for life. If you are here it’s especially for you:

Recipe for the good life:

We take a 12 months
we clean them thoroughly from bitterness, greed, pettiness and fear
next we cut each for 30 or 31 parts
the supply must be enough for the whole year

Every day are prepared from 1 piece of work and 2 pieces of a sense of humor and positive thinking

To this we add:
3 large spoonfuls of accumulated optimism
a teaspoon of tolerance
a grain of irony
and a little of tact

Then the whole mass should be pour thoroughly with plenty of love.

The whole we decorate the bouquet courtesy
and we are giving away this every day with joy
and with a cup of good, refreshing tea –
the nearest people first and then all the other person *

enjoy 🙂

* found in the recesses of the kitchen Basia M.